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Ball Stretching

Sometimes you need a good stretching to wake the senses.



  • Massive choice, range of prices.

  • Easy to find.

  • Sizes to fit everyone.

  • Moderate level to keep clean.

  • Much fun to use.


  • Quality often improves with cost.

  • Can be difficult to fit.

  • Can cause serious harm if used incorrectly.

  • Be careful of cheap knock offs that can rust or break easily.


The ball stretcher of choice is the one on the top of this page. It is of a heavy metal construction which also doubles as a weight system if the wearer is stood up. This particular model also has two support rods with one main screw thread. A number of these only have one support rod which in my opinion looks flimsy and easy to bend if dropped or pushed against. I found this particular model slightly difficult to fit for reasons that i'll put below. However, this how ever was outweighed by the effectiveness this item gave once fitted.

I have both seen and used various different stretching devices on people over the years. A lot of them were of a silicone based rubber, a bunch were metal rings that stack up the more that you wanted the stretch. They range anywhere from £5 up to £80 +, and the higher priced (in my experience), although effective were often fiddly. Then I was given this style to try.

Holding this item you realise its of a heavy solid construction. It weighs around 2000 grams. The support rods are solid and thick, the screw thread has a large head for easy grip and the locking bolts are easy to grip. As you can see from the closed up picture the device is a very snug fit and already stretches nearly two inches just by being fit into place.

The main downside to this device is the actual fitting.

The reason why I say this is because not getting the scrotum caught in the hinges and locking zone of the ring is a bit tricky. It took me around five or six minutes of trying various ways. The male who bought this for me said it took him up to ten minutes to fit it himself as well. This posed as a little bump on the way to stretching victory.

I decided to try a new technique which I would recommend for anyone wishing to fit a device like this to try.

I have three ply builders cord, my choice of colour is blue as it is a nice colour. The beauty about this stuff is that it will not stretch, it is very strong and is fairly thick at around one and a half millimetres. All of these stats make it very useful for wrapping and typing up parts of the body for bondage and various other ideas. Using around seven inches or so of cord, I did a wrap around the base of the scrotum about half an inch wide. I made this fairly tight but not tight enough to cause discomfort or castration.

Before attempting any stretching, i'd advise that you ensure that the subject is pain free in the scrotum area; has had no recent injuries or any surgical procedures as you do not want to tear any non healed stitches or cause further injury by stretching a wound.

As you can see from the slight bit of blue at the bottom of the top ring, this made it much easier to lock the scrotum into place without causing any skin injuries from the mechanical mechanism itself.

Before proceeding it is a good idea to try and twist the device half a twist left and right to ensure that its free from any skin that may have got caught.

Once you're sure that skin is free from the device you can start twisting the screw which pushes the rings apart. It is not wise to rush this. The scrotum will have a set length that it will already go up to with no problems or worries, after a certain point you will start to feel resistance as the testicles start to feel the strain of the ball sack being pulled away from its natural position.

Once you reach a stage that you have a good amount of resistance and feel the testicle is well and truly squished, stop for a few minutes. The reason behind this is so that the wearer can enjoy it and also so the scrotum stretches. The scrotum is naturally elastically in design, it will start to stretch and allow you to progress further if you give it time and take it slowly. Do not over do this process for a long time otherwise you may cause irreversible stretching strain causing the scrotum to hang low for perhaps ever. If you do it to quick you may damage the testicle causing it to burst or tear the scrotum. All of which are extremely painful and would require immediate medical intervention.

If the wearer stands up, the weight of the device will also add to the enjoyment or discomfort (depending on the wearer) along with changing the experience completely.

Over all ball stretching is fun. It makes the testicles and scrotum very sensitive to other methods of play but beware of the health implications should it be rushed or used without caution.

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