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50 Shades Sadomasochism Demo

On the 1st September I had the opportunity to go to the Townhouse in the Wirral to give a demonstration on my view of sadomasochism and some information about its history. This is a short piece on how the evening went from my point of view for anyone interested. It will be brief in parts and a bit more detailed in others so that I can read back and remember it. I may come back and add, delete or edit parts as the days go on.

The trip to any event where I will be having a hard scene is generally a quiet one. Human interaction wise. The girls I was going to be doing a hard scene with and the demo were travelling down with me and needed time away from talking to me to get themselves into the right head space to endure what is coming. Filth was the one with the little ears and unicorn dress and private Bob was dressed like me in the army clothing.; Two totally different types of Masochist which I would be explaining at the demo.

This means that I can play any of my music without any daggers due to them having their own headphones in. Playing Frank Sinatra fly me to the moon whilst travelling through a quiet Mersey tunnel with the windows open was a nice sound for anyone near us I'm sure. Fly me to the moon was certainly on the agenda for tonight. As I type this I am listening to, Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World.

I pay the toll to shorten the journey by forty minutes, that's certainly worth my £1.80 each way. We arrived at the Townhouse thirty minutes early, as someone forgot to mention to me that it is 20.30 open time, not 20:00. No matter they can sweat it out longer while we wait. Someone opens the gate not long after 20:15 so we went into the car park to wait.

The girls immediately got out of the car so they could have space away from being so close to me. I just put some soul music on the stereo and happily amuse myself on the phone, like most people do.

I could tell the anticipation of waiting to get into the Townhouse was getting to the girls slightly. I got out of the car and took a couple of stretches, the squeak of my freshly polished leather para boots glinting in the car park light, them both knowing the soles of these boots will be stamping on them later in the evening. I was also in a particularly baiting mood and they both wanted to keep a little distance to avoid 'misunderstandings' However private Bob had headphones still in, she started to wander off as I called her over so ended up having my boot very early on her backside to wake her from the music trance.

In we go, 20:30, join the doorway queue. Look around the entrance way, there is always something to have a perv at. We were met at the reception by the event staff with a warm welcome and get ourselves booked in. I could tell both girls were getting nervous now that we had got in the building and were still very quiet.

So it begins, Upstairs to the locker room. Phones away, main bags away, our general once we get into Townhouse way of doing things. Back to the bar area for a soft drink and sit down for a short time just to settle into arriving and say hi to a couple of people. The place was already filling up quickly.

We have a look at the stage area first to decide how the first part of the demo can proceed. It was decided a few items needed to be moved further back to clear a bit more space and that the edge of the stage needed some bright tape. This was so we could see the edge better they wouldn't mistakenly fall off while avoiding me. I happened to have pink tape with black dots which was very noticeable.

The cellar was next, down we go to check the spaces. A couple of items needed to be made a bit safer by being moved to the corner of the room and a few items from kit taken from their space to avoid tripping and avoiding possible head traumas. One large item we had permission to move to make the space wider and easier to use for its intention. It was cool, quiet and solid concrete floor, which I happily mentioned to the girls who looked down at it and gave a nervous smile. All of this was done with both of the girls so that they had peace of mind the space was prepared to the best of all of our intentions and everyone was happy.

I will be down later on to rope off the space and modify the floor with some tape.

Once back to the ground level, it was back to social activities, talking to random people getting to know new faces. Getting a good seat for the hypnotic demo. The room filled up rather quickly when the hypnoses team were getting ready to go on stage but first the Townhouse staff had a little talk over the etiquette for the evening due to it being a cross over event. The hypnoses demo was fun, certainly different from the norm and it was an enjoyment to watch the dynamic of the people on the stage. Private Bob found it difficult to watch at times as all she wanted to do was naughty things to the woman on stage. Therefore I had to give her physical reminders of where she was and how to behave. Nerves were probably high due to her knowing that our demo was next.

The other girl that I came with, Filth. She had vanished to be tied up for an hour while the first demo went on, this gave her time away from me and to better prepare her mind as I don't own her, unlike private Bob who endures me on a daily bases. Filth has to have space away from me prior to any hard play.

Once the hypnoses demo ended we sprang into action. Private Bob went for my toys from the locker, I set the stage, we were ready to go. But wait. Where was Filth...Off I went to go find her even though she had instruction to come downstairs for 23:20. This is what's expected from a feral masochist with little obedience. I finally found her on the top floor of all places, currently still in a rope. I called over to her, demo two minutes. Get downstairs. If I have to come to get you it won't be enjoyable. Panic dawned on her face. I took a moment to watch that look on her face of worry and "fuck fuck" recurring in her head as the rope tie was still mostly bound round her skin. She was swiftly downstairs, no one likes the result of me going back.

We all get on the stage. The room was packed with eager eyes and happy faces. I was well aware there were swingers with kinksters and the type of demo I was doing was something a good number of people in the room haven't seen, I was expecting negative backlash and some verbal from the crowd as the demo went on. However, it didn't happen, people were respectful and let me carry on with no hold ups.

I open with my usual disclaimer, Warning people of what to expect, I don't know it all and it is my view on what sadomasochism was to me and my girls. People should research for their own peace of minds. A couple of sentences which had people giggling was me mentioning to the house staff that I may break a few rules on their sheet for this kind of play. No is no, safe words and loud noises. The girls do have a safe word, one can't even say it without laughing and neither have either used them. Both have passed out before using their safe words which can be seen as very stubborn but it's their own choice.

I don't ever aim to have someone safe word. If someone safe words then I feel I have failed and they know that so never do. They are pretty awesome at times.

We had banter, I managed to get both girls to run off stage and avoid me, while I held various little items they hated individually, showing not all masochists are the same or enjoy the same things. I could tell people were a little surprised, though amused at times and kept the rooms interest. After all, two half-naked women being tortured with various hitting things what's not to like.

My usual sarcasm and witty charm kept people in good spirits as I kicked, smacked and was generally what could be perceived as not a nice person to the girls on stage. I think I noticed one or two leave the room but overall everyone who initially came to watch, stayed.

I sent the girls downstairs to the cellar with the kit bags while I carried on with a Q and A with those who were left in the room. There were people already in the cellar waiting for the impending scene to unfold. Once the girls went from the main room, this gave them a few moments to adjust to the hard play ahead of them and go wait for me with their own thoughts. I knew there was a crowd already down there and they would be on their knees in the marked safe zones. One naked one dressed down considerably, people watching and talking about them.

I gave the option for people to ask me questions while I killed some time while the girls sweat it out waiting for me. The room was engaging, I had a couple questions fired over at me and everyone had positive things to say. Usually, with these types of scenes I expect some negativity especially if its women/girls who are the bunnies, but not tonight, everyone was in a good vibe. I had banter for around ten minutes then gave my goodbyes and made my way to the cellar to see what was waiting for me.

My trip down to the cellar was interesting. It was a crowded entranceway, people couldn't get down there due to how full it was. I stood at the top of the stars with people not noticing that it was me at the top. I had the large steel American bat on my shoulders, urban combats on and my black para boots looking down to the people waiting, wondering how do I get through this crowd. Well, it was easier than expected. I started walking down the steps, heavy thudding as I walked down the wooden steps. The girls could probably hear me and most likely had raised heart rates at this moment.

I shouted baseball bat coming through. Instantly the room went quiet and people moved out of my way. A clearing was made and I saw the two girls waiting for me as instructed in their safe zone.

I unpacked the toys on a nearby bench then threw a popular metal device on the floor which got a gasp from a few people, I then called the room to silence from the background chatter.

I gave a small disclaimer on what was about to happen, said that "anyone with an issue to just leave and anyone crossing the rope line will be considered a target for consenual beatings."

The scene got fairly intense, both girls put up a good fight. Filth took some very hard blows from heavy items and private Bob had her fair share. I won't go into great detail about the scene but it got messy. Both girls put up a good fight with Filth cracking slightly before Bob. Bob carried on until the sickness saw her not able to stand anymore and I lay her on the floor. I stroked both their heads saying how good they both were and gave the crowd a sign it was all over and to please leave. After a few minutes of quiet time, both of my girls got most of their senses back and started talking again.

A brief clean up, others came down and wanted to try our scene space idea with the safe space hot spots which I thought was pretty awesome. The girls went to get changed into comfortable attire and we socialised until the early hours.

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