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I have noticed a decline in the seriousness of privacy being taken amongst people within the kink scene. I personally think technology is to blame, as people become more and more compliant with putting their entire lives on the internet for information to be farmed and used for adverts to profit from. On the internet, you ARE the product and all your information IS used to make money for bigger companies and lets them customise adverts to make you buy things and influence your day to day life.

This is such a big deal that Facebook is under investigations with its owner answering questions in the dock a number of times about whether Facebook had influenced the American general elections with the help of Russian based content. Yes, really. CLICK HERE to read more on that.

Your information is eveywere, it is up to YOU to control who has access to your information. I have done a help sheet regarding this to help people. CLICK HERE.

My concern how-ever is not particular websites or the Russians, no its far more simple than that and is easy for anyone to control. It's your name. As simple as it sounds.

More and more often I find people using their real names in the kink scene. It is so easy now to trace people online and find out other information. Why would you want the person you've met at a random swingers club or bdsm event finding your Facebook, then maybe your family, friends, your job, whereyou live etc depending on your online profile privacy settings if you even bothered to set it up.

When I first came into the scene, the internet was pretty much none existent. You found munches through word of mouth and the back of adult magazines. Everyone used an alias. No one wanted to be outed to their family or work place or have their personal life involved with the kink scene. It would seem now that the younger generation is starting to forget what privacy is, making them susceptible to unwanted attention such as possible stalkers or threatening their future jobs.

When someone asks your name at an event, you have absolutely no duty whatsoever to divulge your real name to anyone. Use a scene name or alias and anyone pressing for further information just simply say i'm not at liberty to discuss that. Simples. Anyone that gives you a funny look or has a problem with you retaining you privacy, it's simply their problem not yours if they decide to take offence in some way to try make you feel bad into changing your mind. Same with location. Give a ball park idea such as Manchester, Warrington etc. If you go to University or College don't name it or the specific subject that you do. Specific towns and work/student subject area, information no one needs to know.

Every bit of information that you give allows someone to gather up details each time they meet you and ask more questions, building a bigger picture of your personal life.

Retain your privacy, the future can bite you in the ass non consensually and before you know it you have internet herpes and can't shake the itch of issues potentially facing you. A pill wont fix whats on the internet.

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