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Nipple Grabbers

Nipple grabbers are super soft, well the packet says S/S surely that's what it means ?



  • Very good grip of any type of nipple.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Good hanging weight.

  • Look very different to the average clamp.


  • Difficult to keep clean.

  • Can break the skin easily if pulled to hard.

  • Moderate price.

  • Hard to find unless you look online.


The packet for these clamps states, "nipple grabber s/s" which is where I got the words super soft from. After trying these out on the house slave, I was informed super soft was possibly incorrect and super sadism should be in its place. It turns out they have a very strong sharp pinch to them and are very difficult to wear. If you let the clamp itself dangle freely, the sensation is greatly heightened.

These clamps work with an internal spring mechanism which is operated by pushing the rear end downwards. This pushes four thin metal spring claws from the opening.

The claws are blunt at the end but are thin and grip inwards as they try to retract back into the metal rube they came from.

The spring system is aided by a metal rim which allows you to grip onto and use a thumb to push down on the release button. The shaft of the clamp has a grip crushed into the metal making it easier to hold onto while using the clamp.

Twisting the clamp and giving it a bit of a tug had a massive effect on the wearer causing them super sadism bastard clamps. Bob usually can handle nipple clamps well but these ones had a good push on ones self exploration.

I find these can also grip well to the labia area without slipping off and around the clit itself is an interesting experience, so was mentioned.

Once removed, you can easily see the grip marks from the claw teeth. They dont break the skin though with heavier pulling the ends may nip the skin slightly at the tip or if they are forced to be pulled off by heavy weights or by hand, a scratch may occure.

Over all I am pleased with their uses. They are unique compared to average every day clamps and have pros and cons like everything else. For around £20 they are a moderate price and worth getting hold of a set for anyone into nipple or labia play.

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