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Medical Play Scene Review.

Friday 7th December some of you may have been watching the end result gained from a months secret preparation for the medical play scene which took place at the Town House International, Wirral UK. The woman on the bench had no idea she was going to be taken by force and strapped to the medical chair for experimentation. The women was the partner of the male who who also took part in the scene and the preparation leading up to the moment she was captured without warning.

The scene had been planned for around five weeks or so. I have been in conversation with them both daily on various topics and such. She kept on telling both myself and her partner she would know if anything was planned and regardless of any hints or blatant red flags waved in her face, the penny never dropped.

Over the weeks I was posting blog entry ups of different new medical-related items I intended to use in the play scene. Her partner filled out the limits and permissions paperwork request form I sent him, and even got her to hold a consent document for a photograph which I said was needed for future play with myself. Well I wasn't telling a lie...

I like a good secret mission. Medical play is also fairly new to me at this advanced level to include a kidnapping and three other people being actively involved. We did the whole thing. Medical masks, Doctor coats, ER scrubs, hear rate devices, blood pressure, dental drill attached to an e-stim for full effect and more.

We had the vintage medical chair, the white room, the charts on the walls, the smell of Milton, the gloves, the list went on. The room looked like a space from the nightmares of evil scientists. The women involved has a medical and glove fetish but was completely blind to the fact she was the target.

I had a blue clipboard of a medical checklist that was a guide of how to proceed. It also had her limits, her likes and disliked as well as permission papers from the partner along with allergies, safeword and relevant proof of ID, should anyone ever feel the need to question my authority from outside of the scene. I also placed a laminated poster outside of the room giving a brief description of what was happening in the room for anyone watching, and the time frame so people could judge when the room was next free.

As far as the target was concerned, I was going to scene with a gay couple whose wife had hired me to do the medical scene on her wife. On the day, I arrived at townhouse international and met up with the couple as we queue for entry. Conversations were made and she told me she was excited to watch my planned medical scene. The others with us in our party all secretly knew she was doomed. Soon as we gained entry I took my service boy and went to set up the room.

The target stayed downstairs with her partner and Bob. Once set up, my target was brought up the stairs to the floor the room was on by my service boy, her partner and my Bob. All of which were in on the scene. They took her to the room opposite telling her everyone was waiting for me to open the medical room door and start.

Little did she know, I slowly opened the medical room door and stepped out without a sound, ninja skill ten, then looked around the doorway she was located, with her back to me. The partner later said to me he thought I was going to say 'Here's Johnny !'and weld an axe as I sneaked upon my prey.

On my paperwork out of ten, he had scored a seven on how likely she was to resist. In my mind, this is a high chance for a fight and I was ready to take her to the floor within moments of the first contact. Then I pounced like a cat on a laser pointer.

Straight for the hair and smashed her head face first into a leather padded wall and said 'guess who'...'are you going to put this blindfold on or am I going to beat it onto you'. She replied while trembling and repeating 'Oh shit' 'Oh shit'... 'I'll comply'. If she had lied to me and then tried to make a sudden run I was ready to make breathing for her extremely difficult and remove the ability to walk for a short period of time. I know you will read this.

Having her against the leather, struggling to talk as her face is pressed against the surface, tight grip in the back of her head, she knew straight away who it was and what was going to happen and had no chance of getting away. Blindfold secure, she was dragged to the medical room where the door was slammed shut while initial set up was completed.

And so it begins...

Once in the medical room, she was strapped down, legs strapped open, wrists immobilised, neck strap to secure the head, blindfold kept on. Her heart rate and breathing were noticeably quicker. She was in a state of panic.

Everyone quickly got to their places, coats, Id badges, masks, gloves medical items on. Before the door was opened and the scene started properly, it was the intention to insert a catheter into the women for added effect and I had no idea how she would take the scene. I have had people wet themselves before from the fear factor. Since this was a medical scene seemed a good place to insert one.

We think from the position the target was on the bench sat up rather than lay back, made inserting the catheter more difficult and was my decision to scrap it all together aft era few moments of trying. Maybe the tensing up contributed to no entry.

The door opened to the room, the scene started. The blindfold was removed to a light in her face and first look at how everyone was dressed. She gave a nervous laugh while squinting with the light in her face. Experimentation data started and subject number was called out.

I introduced people for the benefit of who was watching outside of the room and so the target knew who was in the room. Myself Dr Smith, Bob, porter Boots and the subjects partner was known as the General (as the scene was based in a military medical facility). Initial readings were taken of heart rate and blood pressure. Both of which were rather high. 182/149 blood pressure. 120/80 is around the standard anyone should expect to have. The heart rate only showed as 74bp which was obviously an error and the target decided to try and mock and was met with a good old-fashioned face smack.

Lots of verbal was requested by the partner. We considered the target not to be human, not able to speak English and was to be tested to see what it was we were dealing with.

Around fifteen minutes in, I called for porter boots with my metal tray of devious tools and picked up a large pair of pliers. Nose hair was the first to aim for. The subject was not happy. Her face was held down and she still resisted strongly. Moving so much I commanded the creature stay still and since it didn't I grabbed its nose with the pliers repeating 'do you understand English creature' being met with a series of nervous giggles and grunts.

Next was the ear checks which were tugged and yelled into for hearing check.

The creature was starting to understand a bit of English but started to mock whether it was French. Teeth where the fun area. The General said to me, 'proceed with caution as it bit a couple of his officers and they are no longer with us'. A rachet gag was placed in her mouth and the jaw forced open for inspection to which we found a full set of teeth. I mocked the tongue by grabbing with the pliers and yanking it out for my own amusement which was met with vocal resistance and drool from the gag.

The blindfold was re-attached after the General requested a tooth to be removed, an e-stim pad attached under the chin and the dental drill was brought closer. She gave a nervous giggle and I could tell she wanted it and was expecting some serious ouch. I poked about without the e-stim turned on to give a false sense of security. The noise of the drill made her start to shake. Heart rate waiting was at 110, then 114 as I got closer. I kept saying the drill wasn't fast enough.

I finally turned it on by the e-stim box and went back into her mouth with an instant scream and shout with crying, much better response as I tapped away at her teeth. 'They seem resistant to drilling no wonder they killed our men' By this point it looked like she came in her knickers then the hysterical laughing started when I continued to which I gave a maniacal laugh then we all laughed together evil style. The pulse is now 155.

The face was next on the list, check for the nose, cheeks, chin with hard manhandling which the General helped out with and I had a go with stronger clamps at taking the tongue out which gained a lot of grunting and shouting. By this time, it's learning more English. Now thirty minutes in, breast and nipple squeezing had a more verbal response.

More manic laughing from her. Yelling 'NO, No means NO.' regarding use of the clamps. I took the opportunity to mock the fact it now speaks English and trying to tell me what to do, still insisting its French. I got the medical hammer and started bashing ribs to test if it had any. It enjoyed that too much, so I smacked it harder and got a better disliked response.

Certainly getting sexually turned on by the General having his hands on its chest and ribs squeezing and pulling to which the subject started making erotic noises. The General said 'I think these are its sexual organs', and I pulled the general back saying 'it's trying to mate with you! ' 'you don't want to breed with it, it's like an orangutang'.

This caused mild hysteria in the room. Porter boots turned away trying not to laugh, Bob broke and tried to hold back the laughter. I yelled at porter boots and said 'would you like to be in this chair!' full well knowing he did which made it all the more amusing.

The G spot was next and the General went in to find it, saying 'it's like looking in the bottom of a purse' I quickly mentioned to be careful he didn't get rabies or whether it would try to make him pregnant to which he would be in the chair next for experiment. His glove started to rip so had to yell 'there were teeth down there trying to eat his hand!'

'We need to cut this open to see what's going on!'

Massive hysterical cackle came from the subject upon hearing the lasty comment.

Thirtysix minutes into the scene.

Bobs experiment chemicals where brought out and placed on the tongue one at a time.

First one was concentrated garlic and made the subject cough badly. We came to the conclusion it could be a vampire since garlic had such an effect. Then started laughing.

Therefore the DARK BROWN vile was next. I said it was faeces to see the look on its face. Couple drops of concentrated vanilla mixed with the already present garlic. Subject wrenched and tried to spit it out with a face of hate and torment.

English speak was now getting good. face slaps gained better attention. The subject said 'Fuck you' I replied with we needed to get a moose to fuck it as nothing else would. Seems to be a vampire French moose to which subject mocked a moo and got a smack in return in the face.

The third was vinegar and chilli. The face said it all, such an awful taste which got spat out pretty quickly.

The subject was getting tired and exhausted, near death. Slaps woke it up and the tongue was burning now. Blood pressure monitor wouldn't give a reading. Therefore since it's nearly dead, it was time to get the cutting tool out. Pulse 132, getting lower, getting tired. It was on it's way out. Forty minutes in.

The cutting tool to simulate this was a high powered e-stim probe, it simulated being sliced open. Soon as I started the subject shouted 'Jesus Christ on a bicycle' and started screaming and growling. As a way out I started shouting 'admit you are a French spy' as the screaming and shouting continued for a few moments while yelling 'yes yes I am a French spy!'. 'Please God' I enjoy being called god so continued for a few moments.

Subject broke down started crying and quivering. I gave the order for porter boots to shut the door and as he did I yelled 'throw it in the trash bring the next subject'. The scene came to an end and she was unbuckled.

She calmed down for a moment and it went quiet, in her face I shouted, 'we had this planned a whole month! 'to which we all laughed at her. Forty seven minutes.


I had not played with the women in the chair before now in a hard kink scene. Therefore I was blind to how she would react and was going off the paperwork I was supplied as a guide as well as learning how her body and mind reacts to what ever I do. I considered the scene to be a big success and everyone involved did a great job at improvising with their charactors and actions.

The medical scene itself I can get behind as an area I would come back to and do again with confidence. Only thing I would change would be having a bench that did both sit up and lay back position. That would have helped in a few moments of convenience in certain tasks.

The partner is fairly new to double dom scenes from what I have spoken to him about and I think he did a really good job of getting into character and the way he interacted with the room. We have had secret conversations regarding the scene for weeks, dropping hints to the target, his partner and went totally over her head to our amusement.

I would like to focus more on the dental side, take more time causing pain and discomfort to get max endorphin release to cause a dizzy drunk effect on the subject only to bring round with the tongue tasting, perhaps some medical smelling salts and then some more face slapping to start the process again. I'd also think about using flesh staples for such as stapling up the labia on women during the scene and with men would certainly involve a cock and ball tie with cord.

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