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A hop stitch and a cunt.

It has been a busy couple of weeks and I have occupied it with various matters of the world. The podcast sound quality has been greatly improved and, as this ramble will include I have been practising with sutures and getting the new medical room underway.

Suturing is on the practice for a scene I will be performing once the medical room has been built to an operational standard. It turns out that suturing is not as easy as I first thought. My initial idea was to try a banana as a practice fruit to stitch up. I found that they go black and tear really quickly. If you're taking your time it's not ideal to use.

With a bit of research, I chose an orange as the skin is much tougher than a banana and it has a better tolerance for being poked with sharp objects.

The sutures that I have been practising with are black nylon. Strong, easy to see and widely available at a cost of around £1 a suture if bought in multiple packs. With the picture above you can see the yellow fruit in the background and then the orange in the foreground that became victim to my science experiments.

The aim of the exercise was to practice getting the knots correct and handling the suture itself with only the tools, so without touching with my hands and creating the knot to keep the stitches in place. It was very fiddly to begin with, but the banana took the brunt of my stumbling around. By the time I got to the orange I was feeling more confident with using the tools required.

It turns out that I was getting the hang of the knots fairly well, the first two sets on the left were fairly wide stitches but neat and consistent. The set on the right is where I attempted to make the stitches smaller. Practice with the very curved needle was a challenge when making a smaller stitch without tearing the orange skin.

Fruit skin is not as tough as human skin making it a bit less realistic. I have a medical practice pad being arranged and will post up how I get along with that.



After the post about the medical chair, It has finally been relocated to what will be the medical space. This week the floor has been started on which will be the foundation of the room and a base to work on.

The first thing to come up was the old carpet which had been down for the best part of ten years or more. It had been glued to the floor making it a particular challenge and dusty as hell. Upon ripping it up the room threw a spanner in the works and I found a flimsy board nailed down. Removing it brought to my attention a bloody big hole.

Why it's there, no idea. It had to be reshaped and a new piece of wood fitted to make it sturdy once again.

The floor was slightly uneven with the leftovers of the glued down underlay. To do a proper job five millimetre hard underlay boards were put down for the wooden floor to go over the top.

This will help keep it warmer to the touch as well help with noise reduction from moving around, a sound barrier against the room below and keep the floor level.

Power tools are the way forward !

Progress with the floor was made rather rapidly once a work ethic was undertaken. First time laying a floor and with improvised tools. The room is not level, straight or even a standard shape but powered on. The oak flooring is showing a much greater improvement to the room and will make a much easier to clean easier floor space for the medical chair and equipment to occupy, along with it being easier to keep clean. The aim is to finally tile and repaint the walls to reduce dust levels as much as possible.

Amongst the dust and the wood, arose a Boots with sausage rolls and energy drinks, he certainly knows how to improve a situation.

One of the first scenes in the room once its useable will be suturing a women's labia together. The person knows who she is and what is awaiting

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