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Today I made a trip over to Speke which is Liverpool side of England to a warehouse to pick up my new dental cabinet. This cabinet was found on a popular auction site and turns out was in an old house where a man was a practising dentist. The place had been locked up for years until bought at auction and cleared out.

The cabinet itself warrants a post once I have it in a more suitable place than the Verlies landing, but two pleasant surprises came out of the day as well as the cabinet actually just about fitting in my car with the width of a hair to spare!

My service boy boots had informed me he also purchased the matching bin to go with the cabinet and when we finally laid eyes on it, its certainly a one of a kind.

It is a tall narrow bin of all metal design and steel lid which appears to be chrome plated. The condition of the unit is really good. We suspect its from the 1970s though I will look on it more closely and see if I can find a makers mark when I have a moment, The step mechanism to open the lid works fine and the inside of the bin has a lift out internal section for emptying as well as two handles on the side for lifting the whole bin. The bin itself is fairly heavy for what it is which suggests it's been made with quality in mind rather than something for a short life span.

While speaking of trash, in one of the draws of the cabinet was a piece of paper which had been folded up to be used as makeshift draw liner. I pulled it from the base of the draw, unfolded it to find this poster.

I am still researching what this poster is about but I intend to laminate it and have it in the medical room as it was obviously something the original owner of the cabinet was either interested in or involved in to have this poster in his, to begin with. It's interesting to find old things hidden away where you least expect it.

If I manage to get a full translation of this poster I will edit this page to mention my findings.

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