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Skinny isn't always healthy

So this is a mini rant about self-image and that the pinnacle of healthy is to be skinny. I have to disagree with this and would like to make a note here to refer people to should I feel I need to rant at said people and can just send a link instead.I did a lot of photography, still like taking photos and use popular model sites now and then.

The main aim seems to be as skinny as possible and showing as much bone as possible. I find women and yes some men, breath in to try to show maximal ribs. Just keep in mind folks that one side is always more shallow than the other due to the heart taking up space so it's really obvious when your breathing in on a photo topless.Skinny, don't get me wrong, has its place.

I can appreciate the effort in a skinny person and the muscle tone, the hip bone structure and the figure in general. But there comes a point you look ill, withdrawn, tired in the face and you end up losing facial identity.

Not eating to lose weight will cause a starvation protocol to take place in the body meaning you won't lose weight easily. You will also be more fatigued, tired and lose strength as you get that sweet taste in your mouth as the body starts eating your muscles for protein to keep the main systems going. Your bones get brittle due to lack of calcium and you start losing your balance often and prone to bruising and injuries.

This can be solved by eating small amounts of regular and exercise. A muscled average weight person always looks better than a lazy skinny person.See I get anorexia is an illness, that's a mental state that requires help and intervention.

But moaning in the office aww I can't have that doughnut as it is going to pile on the pounds isn't the issue. Eating 12 of the doughnuts every day is going be the issue when you have the will power of a starving lion in a chicken coop due to not eating properly during the day and the sight of sugar turns you on like a moist teenager at a Westlife concert.

Online media is a big influence and most of the time people don't even notice... Certain platforms banned pro-eating disorder material due to it going viral with the easily persuaded and kids are getting influenced at a younger and younger age at what is the social norm. Men get is as much as women with an ideology of what it's acceptable to look like naked.

In the 1980s there was He-Man and action man and no one really noticed what boys actually thought of them as role models. Arnold Swazingia was a big actor in the 80s/90s with a really ripped figure and even pushed a children's exercising program.

All super ripped muscle men with big weapons.

Barbie the skinny supermodel doll did not really help kids self-image but 100ft media adverts on buildings and constant tv ads of women wearing very little with all the bones on show, is absorbed subconsciously.

Children of the 70s/80s did fine on transfats, newspaper rolled up chips and chip pans of lard as less technology meant more social interaction and exercise. When did you last see a kid climb a tree?Taking personal responsibility for what you do with your body will make a massive difference, you don't have to look a certain way for society just be yourself.

You will be someone's kink, fetish and object of desire no matter what you look like.

That is unless your ginger. If you have long natural ginger hair, feel free to send me full-length pictures only wearing a smile and nothing else for a rating regardless of how skinny you are. As I'm all over that kink. #objectifinygingers.

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