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Talking to the voices

On my last ramble, I spoke about pleasing the Gremlin, that little being that sits on the back of your neck and tries to lure you into temptation. But what about the other voices?

Many people don't want to believe, some do. There is a subconscious voice in everyone's head that you make decisions without even thinking about it. It grew with you from birth and has been influenced by how you were brought up and influenced by the surroundings you experienced. This makes every voice unique. This voice cannot be controlled by the gremlin, it doesn't even know it exists but you do. See life can be confusing with people telling you to do this, dress like that and conform to social normality.

For the majority, it is enough to drown out the subconscious, but it's still there making decisions without you even realising it. Everything you do from what you pick up to eat, get dressed and who you like talking to. That's not you, that's the subconscious.

Gemini folk have this voice amplified slightly. I say slightly, it is like having an invisible friend. You may consider star signs to be waffle which is your choice to choose but speaking from opinion we would disagree with you. I would say the gremlin and the subconscious are in mutual planning, and they talk to each other about me without asking for my input.

It used to be very irritating. Getting in trouble at school is common for what you honestly believe isn't your fault or deny ever saying that sentence which caused someone to cry or outrage.

Yes, you learn to be the mature one, control the thoughts and keep the gremlin in check, but it comes to an age when you start to think, hang on they are making sense, what if. What if...

Soon as you bring self-doubt and what if to the party hell well and truly froze over and all bets are off. Sometimes its fun to be alone in one's head.

Try it. Top of a cliff overlooking a nice view or an empty beach with the ocean in front of you. Have a listen and see if that voice gets a little louder and suddenly you are not alone anymore and you can face anything that is in front of you.

I have met people who are lost, who are confused and have white static noise in their head. This just needs some fine tuning to make sense if what is trying to be spoken to you. Your subconscious knows you more than you. It remembers more as your current memory is only short term.

We record everything we have ever seen, we just lack the ability to access it fully as it's not been unlocked yet in our self-improvement. Some people have memories they can access this information and remember anything they have seen so there is proof this information is there. It is also why you see something and think you have seen it elsewhere or try to remember it as a sense of Déjà vu. Chances are you have seen it and the subconscious is flipping over backwards to try and tell you.

I believe sarcasm and dark humour is a mixture of the gremlin and the subconscious talking. Mine has of late have got far worse I have been told and often come out of the blue with very little time to even think of it.

It's almost instant as if there is a part of my brain that is built just for being a cunt to stupid people with hyper access. The rest of the brain is like an old switchboard. Full of holes and needs time for the right control pin to be placed in the right port for access.

Just remember, we all have this subconscious, we all have the gremlin, but just look into the eyes of who you talk to as if the subconscious of a Gemini doesn't like you, your going to know about it sooner than you think.

Of course, there is a good chance you may spot people laughing with themselves or smiling while pondering into space. It is just the voices having a social and your not invited.

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