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Ice is the new cool.

Ok, let's talk about Ice. Ice in BDSM related play is massively underestimated however people often think it's difficult to use, messy and even then often imagination of how to use it comes to a blank when thought about other than ice cubes on the nipples. Here I will give some ideas to inspire ways to use ice and keep your cool while doing so.

Couple things you need to keep into consideration when playing with ice and before you have a look at my suggestions below. Some of this information may seem daft but common sense is something many people seriously lack and can lead to consent issues and even injury.

Things to consider before using ice. Ice is water, yes it really is. If this surprises you well now you know. Using ice around electrical devices which are plugged into the mains could cause serious injury. Water is a massive conductor of electrical current, therefore where ever the water is the charge will certainly follow.

Ice can cause cold burns if you are not careful. To much ice in a small area with direct contact can cause skin to skin and cause an ice burn on sensitive areas such as the end of someone's manhood or the clitoris. Ice straight from a freezer that is sticky to touch means it will damage skin meaning it is not a good idea to stick up that hole your staring at and needs a few moments to get smooth and slightly wet meaning less chance of burning.

Of course, Ice being ice means water will dry up, easily cleaned away but bare in mind the surface/floor you are on when using water and the mechanics of how to clean away any excess water and whether it could damage anything around your play space.



  • General ice cube for sensory. The old fashioned ice cube can be used for teasing, getting involved with ice play and experimentation. Ice cubes are easy to make, obtain and handle. They are often quick to make and do not leave much mess other than half an eye cup of water at a time. Popular places to use ice cubes are around the lips, nipples, down the tummy, hips, groin and soles of the feet. You can also try adding some flavour to the ice and have the water licked from where ever the ice has been.

  • Ice cube block. Moving up from the ice cube you can upgrade to the ice cube block. Blocks can be made of various sizes using containers such as butter/margarine tubs, ice cream tubs or anything bigger if you have the s-space to freeze it. Freezing the blocks on their own gives you various weights of cold torture. One method is to have the receiver stand still, arms out and hold the ice block making the hands hold and making strain on the arms. Victims can also be made to sit on blocks or even sit on a chair and have blocks put under bare feet.Another fun way to use blocks is to add builders line (strong cord) or chain to the ice. With these, you can attach the ice to the victim such as nipple/groin clamps. Depending on how warm the room is, the ice melting would also depend on how long the victim has to wait for the ice to fall off the suspending cord/chain.

  • Time lock device. When being involved with self-bondage, often the fear of not being able to escape or get released is an issue which stops someone self-restraining. Sometimes you want to put someone in a position that you know they can get out of after a set amount of time without fail. Well, using ice as a time lock is a good idea. You can buy specially designed devices you fill with water, freeze and they have a loop on either side with a bar in the middle of a container. Once the ice melts the rods par and you are released. These are pretty high priced though and you can make your own. This is achieved by trying different containers such as little facial cream containers with screw on lids. Place a hole top and bottom, place two separate pieces of chain into each hole. Use blue tac to seal the gaps after adding water and freeze. Remove blue tac, unscrew the container and instant block of ice with two restraint points. Once the water melts the two ends will part and presto. All you need to do is practice with timings and sizes of ice to get a rough idea. Just remember to leave a gap of no water to make allowances for water expanding as it freezes so not to split the container. (about 10%)You can be an extra cunt buy freezing something such as a key in a block of ice and hang it above a shackled/chained victim. When the ice melts the key will fall and the victim can unlock the chains. You can do the same with a bucket but suspend the key with some cotton half way until it is frozen so it is locked in the middle. Place block on the floor and if it's a big enough block it cant be broken by hand until enough melts.

  • The Ice Dildo. Ice dildos are exactly as it says, A length of the ice that is used to insert into someone's cunt, mouth or anus. So long as you do not cross contaminate ass to cunt, It is as clean as the water you use. Keeping in mind if the ice is sticky to touch do not attempt to put into a hole until it is smooth and slightly wet. Even if a piece breaks off it isn't an issue as the body temperature will soon melt it back into the water.You can make ice dildos whatever size you like, though there is a handy trick to make moderate sized ice dildos. Use a toilet roll and a condom and a wooden skewer. Place the condom down the middle of the tube so the head of the condom is out the other end. The back of the condom folds over the tube. Place the skewer through the top of the tube, this is so you can hang it in the freezer. Fill with water for the desired size. If you use a thick condom such as a blue Durex, the weight of the water will not exceed the condoms threshold therefore not dragging the condom down and you will find the condom will fill up to the tube rather than expanding like a balloon. People often use various drinks containers and there is also ice dildo making devices out which can be purchased for convenience. Ice dildos also make fun but plugs, just ensure you make it with a flanged rear to stop the anus eating it.

  • Ice torture further ideas. Ice is something you can find ideas for in a never-ending thought of ideas. A few others to think about are such as; Tub of ice tubes and the feet in them. If you use a blunt object immediately followed by an ice cube it gives the sensation of being cut. Use a device to open the cunt and pour in crushed ice.

Just remember, ice can get a sharp point, it can cause cold burns and it can be an issue with electrical items.

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