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Hammer of Asgard

I had a violent impact play scene set up with the filth and decided to hit the local car boot which was on the morning of the day for the play scene. We both have a thing for Marvel comics and therefore I set off to find a new blunt trauma object to go hit her with.

After a small search, I found these two hammers for a grand price of £2.50 in total. They are both old, heavy and smell of old oil and workshop. The mallet on the left is wooden and the right hammer has a solid rubber head. The great thing about these two items is they have had a heavily used life but kept in really good condition considering they have wooden handle shafts.

The wooden mallet has a few signs of heavy impact and obvious marks n the side where the mallet has been used sideways for some reason or other. I would at a guess say they used the side for a broader chance of contact compared to the narrow striking sides of the head.

The rubber hammer has a bit of weight to it with the head being solid rubber. The head itself shows little use however the shaft would say it was a well-used tool when it was in use.

These two items were rescued from potentially the bin or a life of long term storage in a cardboard box. They had no idea their end-use would come down to being used a method of giving someone a kink fix to get off on which I'm fairly sure was not the original intention for the design.

Upon using these items, they have now become fluid bound to the person I was hitting them with. The rubber hammer with its weight gave a hard thud in a small footprint. It was also useful for turning on its side and using the rounded side of the head to spread impact on areas not able to take the swing of the smaller flat front of the head.

The wooden mallet now called the Asgardian weapon is much lighter to swing around. The impacts were not as deep as the rubber head and it also spread over a larger surface area. Again it could be used on its side but in this circumstance gave more a slap rather than a thud.

The long handles of each made swinging them around easily and also gave added reach which is always useful.

Boots says he would at a guess say they were used for the old wooden tent pegs I think he maybe be right or someone that made furniture the old way using joints rather than screws.

Either way I enjoyed finding these two little items and will continue to see how they. hold up in various circumstance and will place bruise photos up when I receive them.

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