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I'm a Mister don't you know.

So I'm sat here in my typical English abode with sleeping dogs, a cup of tea with a drop of lemon, no milk while a popular soap is on in the background and a bag of chips next to me with a barm. Salt and malt vinegar of course. Has to be the red bottle and dark liquid type none of that pansy white stuff and yes certainly I have slippers on.

I have always been Mister Smith, I don't use the term master, I have been asked why on a couple of occasions by curiosity younger generations since the master, slave, sub/dom is pushed in mainstream kink world as the norm and a pigeon hole you are to associate your kinky lifestyle with. Therefore I am going to break this down in a few components that even some half-witted out of touch politician could understand (Google Las Vegas sex worker demonstration to get in the loop that I refer to).

So, a year ago on the first of August 2018, I did a short writing on the definition of "Master" and the miss-use you often find it being used for in the kink scene. You can have a nosey at

that HERE.

But that's not the answer to what I am writing about this evening.

If you walk up to me or send me a message starting with "Master" you have already lost my interest and likely gain an eye roll. A Master being used in the term of owning a slave is exactly that, owning human property. If you are calling me master, you automatically assume I wish to be involved in whatever fetish protocol you are trying to get off on. I don't own you and frankly, unless you're paying me, I don't have the time to engage with ignorance. How many people do you walk up to in the street and say, "master do you have the time please?" I would put down good money to guess at none.

I am British, I may swear like sailor sometimes but I do have manners and I understand etiquette. Sir and Mister are very socially acceptable forms of speaking to someone if two different ways. If you are beneath someone of authority the term "Sir" is more acceptable. If you are referring to someone you are unaware of the name or by the surname of the individual, unless said person has a special title such as Lord or Dr, Mister is the default polite mannerism.

I often joke when someone asks my first name and I reply Mister.

Bringing you up to speed on a brief English history lesson, By the late 19th century, etiquette dictated that men be addressed as Mister, and boys as Master. If you have a son he is the Master of the house and the father is the Mister. In America being strange folk, boys can only be called Master until age 12, then they have no title until aged 18.

So you see, it's not because I'm big-headed, it's not me trying to force anyone into my fetish protocol, it's just damn good English mannerism to address someone you do not know well as Mister and their surname, in this case, Mister Smith. I will accept Sir as this tends to come naturally to people but don't automatically assume this means I will engage with you as someone in my service. Anyone that calls me sir formally as earned it and I do not wish to have it watered down by anyone looking for a quick freebie jerk off.

Now, make yourself useful and dunk my digestive biscuit in my tea for me.

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