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Dr Smiths Clinic

So now I have a medical room that would do well even on an episode of Holby City. This has been part of the reason I have been quiet from my ramblings. Building at the Verlies.

I have been thinking about using this space for various reasons here and there. I have decided to do a random Dr Smiths Clinic event. At this event, I will have up to three chosen customers. Primarily it is aimed at cunt stitching and dental torture so not really for the faint-hearted. You would be given a number and be able to hear sounds of whatever is happening in the medical room up the stairs while you await your treatment and have a peek at the CCTV camera on the wall.

I have done various rambles on medical play and the building of this room. I did a large planned medical scene at another venue which was a massive success. I also believe it looks and smells the part compared to alternative places and intend to make it fun and terrifying where possible. Think little shop of horrors dentist guy.

Of course, there is a shower for those that decide to get over-excited and I will have a vast array of tools at my disposal. Blood pressure and heart rate will be checked to ensure your fit and well to endure the clinic and then the fun can begin. The only fee for these clinic sessions will be to allow for filming and photography to help promote the space being used. Of course, identity can be hidden for privacy if required.

There is a link at the bottom of this article for those wishing to apply. Anyone suitable for next clinic will be contacted and informed of succeeding by close of applications which is currently Oct 20th 2019.

You need to be 18+ ( Of course).

Fit and healthy.

Enjoy medical play.


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