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Today I went to LAMchester. The new alternative market up here in Manchester by the folk that do the LAM which is the London Alternative Market down south. Manchester has had a few goes at this kind of thing before recently being at Soundgarden. It had a bit of success then fizzled out by various on going issues. There have been a few smaller venues doing little car boot style market spaces but nothing on a grand scale.

This meant for the majority of us northerners the BBB which is the Birmingham baazre which is held at the nighting gale night club in the heart of the city gay village was the best alternative for around 90 mins travels each way. These established big market events also boast an after-party for BDSM kinksters which is a great way to meet new people and try the new toys purchased from the days market ongoings. One of the nice things about the LAMchester advertising is that it is very inclusive of inviting the general public by activley postering around Manchester and using leaflets.

I decided to park at my space which is saved for me in the city centre as I am somewhat privileged to know such people living city center, and take a strut down Deansgate in my open chest shirt, neck chain, boots and jeans in a fine Manchester day of cloud and drizzle. Never affects Manchester people the weather, shorts, T-shirts followed by umbrellas for showers then they all vanish.

Photography is not permitted within LAMchester, therefore, I will best explain how I found the event and use some promo photos from Revolutions website and a little description.

LAMchester is based in Revolution on Deansgate locks. A very up market venue that has done very well with the space it took over what seems like many years ago. The venue is just massive. It's showing the old brick of the arches, plenty room, lots of seating and nice lighting. The atmosphere is very well done at this premier venue and the main floor is wheelchair accessible which is a bonus.

Upon arriving outside of the venue it quickly becomes obvious LAMchester is live with giant signs of black and yellow sheep bees outside the bar itself. I was reminiscing of how the locks looked when the Loft was next door in my nightclub doorman days. Wandering to the entrance in a little world of my own, I was greeted outside by an old friend who was trading there which was nice to have a pre entering chat.

Upon entering, to the right, friendly staff as you enter and a clean and spacious venue to go explore with various open spaces. There were traders from all over the country, a lot I recognise from various market events around the country. It was nice to match some faces to the online profiles as my day went on.

There are certain stalls I gravitate to, due to similar interests and the conversations are really enjoyable when you only see these people maybe 2 or 3 times a year to now find them in my backyard it's hard not to distract by conversation. I had a friendly face bump into me from THI with flyers who said "hey would you be interested"..for me to turn around and receive an "oh you will already know, Hi there !" made us both have a smile refering to familiar faces that you would only see now and then at certain occasions.

I had a wander around, finding out there were more stalls downstairs which was fun to go explore bumping into more faces from around the country. There were signs that if you sign up to the venue's app there was a code for a free drink from the bar which was pretty nice to see and good to keep in mind for your first visit.There was a range of traders, would be nice to see more clothing options but as with all traders variables are at work such as who is available for that date, can travel to the venue they want to visit and if costs are acceptable.

I did notice there were general members of the public which was enjoyable to see and hear them talking about the various stall items. I did not get a chance to have a nosey at the demos due to my limited time, I was aware various things were going on and heard some shouting reminding shoppers that workshops were happening.

I may have missed it but maybe a big board or poster with the workshop along with the times would be useful unless there already was and I missed it perhaps. A few people were asking amongst themselves where the demos where so perhaps a few little bright signs with arrows this way for the demos could be useful.

LAMchester boasts about an after play party which I shall attend at some point to see how the venue changes and how the evening goes during that part of the event.I look forward to seeing how the months evolve this event, this recent one being the 4th so still in the new stage but going strong with a good crew organising it. At £6 to go in with a few quid more for the after party its not exactly bank breaking to go visit. It is right next to a city center metrolink stop with bus routes outside to which one of the free city buses does run past.

Of course if all else fails there is a strip club over the road.

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