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Last night I was chauffeured down to the Wirral to the popular kink club just on the other side of the tunnel. My purpose other than to socialise was to give a demo on consensual none consensual impact-related play. During this demo was to be an active scene followed through to the end. This is how the night went from my perspective.

I had not spoken to the masochist in question for the entire week other than occasional goading on a popular kinky social network site. She could see my status updates and in return, she would put the occasional one up as well. I also texted a countdown from three days then missed one then one day and on the day first thing in the morning to ensure it played on her mind for the day.

The masochist I have known a fairly long time, close if not over the ten year mark. I know to ignore her winds her up and also helps clear the headspace for the potentially violent scene that awaits. We have done scenes like this several times and very aware of how things are going to go.

I get picked up at my time, getting dressed today was easy I was dressing as a prison officer. Service issue clothing from the auction site is not my usual cotton wears but tough durable nylons and other synthetics. The shirt and pants are very thick and able to withstand a bit of punishment which is what they are intended for while looking smart. Gleaming white shirt and jet black tailored length pants. I completed the look with black epaulets, black tie, and a British flag pin badge. My boots were my usual pre worn army boots freshly polished by boots to a shiny black.

I like to go the whole way if I dress as a theme. In this case, I also acquired a leather baton and handcuff holster as well as a keychain to finish the required look. The only thing left was my crown which boots is bringing for me in the car in its box recently delivered.

I arrive at the car and find filth in the front seat with her headphones in ignoring me as usual for traveling to scene spaces like this. She doesn't want to speak to me in such a close space where she is unable to move around so turns into a ghost for the duration of the drive down. Before I get into the car boots confirm the items I asked from the Verlies kit cupboard to which I then get into the car. I am always looked after on my trips with a cool box available with a range of drinks and snacks for the small talk while we embark down to the venue.

The ins and outs of my travels are not all that exciting, most car journies are of a quieter side to have time to have a think about the evening ahead and clear a bit of headspace for the encounters I will be filling it within a matter of hours.

We arrive at the venue, walking in with kit, dressed and welcomed by the hosts, It had only just opened as we arrived early to make space in the cellar and to corner it off for the impending demo. Soon as we clear the entrance and obtained a seating space near the ground floor stage I set about tasking boots. Filth swanned around pretending I wasn't around just glancing at me now and then with a nervous look in her face. She knows there are no more days to wait and is practically drooling as the idea of being smacked.

Filth looks after the tablespace and I disappear down to the cellar with boots where we corner off the right side of the cellar, place notices of its intended use and move the equipment to free up the floor space making it a bit safer to bash someone around like a pinata. We return upstairs to socialise and watch the first demo of a branding scene going on with cell popping on a women's leg.

The venue was now getting busy and filling up with guests. I had my crown on and the UV lighting made my brilliant white fresh shirt stand out amongst everyone else wearing black. My choice of clothing could not of been made more noticeable and my crown boots could not stop grinning at me every time he looked in my direction. He had a long drive down so I allowed him to sit at the table and have a drink to watch the branding scene.

Anyone that has seen me publically play before would know I am a bit of a showboat, particularly with people I have a connection with. I intended to make this an enjoyable show for those who came into the room to watch. It was also an experience for boots as he had not seen me and filth play before nor seen me be particularly violent towards another individual.

Branding demo finished, Am I ready to go on I was asked, yes give me five minutes to prepare and I'm ready to go. Right let's get the kit out, boots has his message to the crowd ready and an order to get my a bottle of water was give. As he was messing around gathering bits together for me I had unclipped my handcuffs and had them fall out next to him on the floor. This was deliberate but he didn't know this. I blamed him and put him on the spot a bit just to keep him on his toes which I found amusing as so did others. The next day I will tell him it wasn't his fault but right now it was and he needed to pick them up for me post haste.

I get on the stage, I have been here before, I am always comfortable in front of a crowd but at this venue, I feel at home and my personality shines through fairly easily with a slight cocky side. I have boots get on the stage with me and filth and have him read off his message to the public. This is also a good que for people to start to quieten down and come into the room.

The message is as follows;


Yes, we had snowflake wrist bands, they were a brilliant little joke and got a giggle from people in the crowd.

Once boots had given out the message he moved off the stage and left me and filth too it. We spoke about what was going to happen and I had filth read off a consent form to make a point to people watching. The consent form as she read it then mentioned licking feet at the bottom which she stopped talking and looked at me saying nope. I took this opportunity to explain to people watching that clear communication is critical to any form of play particularly to anything that involves a lot of trust with heavy impact.

It is not just about what the top is wishing from the scene but also what the other person wants and doesn't wish to happen. Communication makes it possible to eliminate issues and have a clear agenda of what can happen and what can not in order to make it mutually consensual. I gave her a second consent form which she read out and was accepting of what it said meaning we can carry on to the next level of physical involvement.

We went back and forth with various slaps and smacks getting a couple jumps from people up close. I made it fun and took the seriousness away from this type of play. This was mentioned in a few comments later in the evening and was pleasantly taken on board. I and filth do play well which means there's no pauses and plenty banter. I took a few questions of people and one being about safewords again got some confused looks.

Me and filth, well generally me, as I coined the idea a while ago was to use safe spaces rather than safe words. This means someone can take a breather while in a safe space without ending a scene. Particularly good with impact scenes incase of getting winded or needing a moment to process a particularly heavy blow. Safewords make some people feel like failing whereas a safe space is more mentally optional to use.

We talked about types of impact to keep the scene interesting and also a bit of on-stage flirting and smacking to get filths mind into gear. After around 10 minutes I sent her and boots to the cellar to prepare for me while I spoke to the audience for a few more moments. During this time I explain how I expect the scene to go downstairs. It can go several ways but there's two primary routes Id expect it to go. One is that she wanders around and takes the beating and the preferable option is that she fights back. I try to hurt her to the point her primal takes over and she actively tries to kill me and I have to defend myself.

When I know she has had enough I let the audience know my off switch which is giving her a dead leg by striking the nerves at the top of the leg stop her from walking on a temporary bases. That would end the scene regardless of her mindset and then she would know the fight will have stopped.

I thank everyone for listening and invite them to join me downstairs where I jump off the stage and make my way down.

Walking down the cellar stairs is always exciting when there's a crowd of people at the bottom and you know they are there for you. I step loudly down t the wooden stairs with deafening footsteps. This alerts my presents and builds up more for filth waiting for me as well as people moving out of my way as I reach the bottom. All eyes on me, silence in the cellar as I move under the rope line, pick up the chalk and make the safe zone in the corner.

I tell boots to read his cellar speech to the onlookers while I set out the tools I will be using on a table in the corner opposite to where she is waiting in the safe zone. The look on her face knowing the time has come is of both excitement and her anus twitching.

Once he had finished reading that off the packed area on onlookers went quiet and watched as I got my last couple of items out on the table. I threw a knuckle duster on the floor in front of them and got a gasp from a couple of breaths as the loud clang echoed in the space as it hit the hard concrete floor.

I placed leather gloves with lead knuckles on my hands, looked over and saw she had her hand protecting gloves on, I adopted a fighting stance and said right let's go.

Heavy play scenes I am rather sketchy on the outcome as I zone out into the task in hand, I find comments of others to help fill in some of the blanks. I will podcast chat with filth over the next couple of days for us to try to piece together our thoughts on how the scene went.

Comments have been mentioned to me that there was a very noticeable connection between the two of us which showed throughout the scene. I also brought a comical aspect to the violent aggressive looking style of play and even made people laugh as well as oooo with heavy blows. To find out in greater detail what when on I will link to the podcast once It has been published in the next day or so.


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