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Never surrender


It has been a month since my last post. Covid-19 has been causing havoc in the world. With myself being a keyworker I have been in the midst of this virus pandemic front line in public service. It has become a kind of war, food/equipment rations, people in a panic. The streets empty and cities at a standstill. People are questioning the reason why those walking the streets are near them. People are afraid to interact with other humans and governments are pouring public spending down the sink to try to help businesses and families survive.

The water reservoir is only so deep before the draught will cause a recession like never before.

I have been vocal on my podcast, trying to help give people a reason to stay out of the fridge. Many homes are struggling with mental health and this new way of life.

But still, people carry on. Here in England, there is a saying. "stiff upper lip". It means shut up and carry on. We are in a wartime state now with the army supporting the NHS here in England and other countries seeing armed forces and police trying to keep the peace as everyone is told to stay at home to avoid getting infected or passing the illness on to those no as strong to be able to cope with it.

Churchill said in his famous speech, never surrender. 8Th May pays tribute to those that sacrificed for our freedom and that speech he made echoing through the British public 75 years on when the second world war finally ended as Germany surrendered. It was the perseverance of people carrying on, doing the best they, and not giving up. I shall be wearing my pin badges tomorrow and look forward to seeing British flags and Buntin on various houses on my way to work to battle once again while the vulnerable stay at home.

There will be no street parties this year, no dancing with friends but just like Churchhill said 75 years ago... never, never, never surrender.



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