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The crown

So, during the topic of conversation with boots today he mentioned my new package has arrived and awaits me to open it on Saturday on the travel down to Liverpool for demo fun. It is my new leather cap. Boots has always been a leather boi, leather is sewed into his soul like a good pair of doc martins. He has slowly got me coming round to the idea of wearing more leather. Being primarily a suit-wearing person I moved into army gear recently and now looking towards other forms of disciplinarian authority. My current persona of issuing of judicial justice is now a prison officer for the play scene which will involve the only masochist I know that can handle anything near what I am capable of. I know this will probably expand her head but at the end of the day, she is just a tool to practice on. I do not do things by half, Saturday I will be in full asshole mode until at least after the demo concludes and I have some form of scene come down then I may become a bit more sociable. The gym is being fruitful with larger arms and shoulders with a significant hand strike ability compared to a year ago. Once the Mister Smith zones out the sibling Gemini rival, I tend to blackout and forget some things as he takes over. Ebay is wonderful, I will be wearing a prison service quality issue shirt, the heavy-duty trousers designed for physical endurance with the well shined ex army pre-worn para boots that make the heavy footstep giving warning of my approach. The leather prison service baton holster stamped with the crown, ridged bar handcuffs complete in their leather holster and keychain on my thick leather belt. None of that cheap knock off rubbish from party shops. Not forgetting the black leather gloves, lead line in my case. The pre-1990s prison officer was that of physical discipline and very loud vocally with rules to uphold. They used the fear of physical retribution and regime to keep order in the often overcrowded violent prisons. You had no rights and certainly did not wish to return. The hats with visors made it very difficult to look into officers' eyes when squared up close giving intimidation of just shouting lips and well groomed facial hair. So long as you knew your place, respect the rules and kept your manners then your jail time would sail much easier. Fail any of these and you will be black and blue in no time at all. All that was missing from my uniform was a hat with the black visor, my crown. The symbol that when combined with the entire package says 'authority', don't cross the line. boots has obtained a grand looking leather visor hat. This crown is the catalyst mixed with the boots and leather gloves to start forming a leather disciplinarian bear.

He serves a lord while slowly building his castle whom he is setting up to be a king.


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