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Toss a coin to your Witcher

I recently got into the story of the Witcher, though is a book has recently found itself as a TV series. I've found some similarities which I thought where worth exploring.

The Witcher is a character that hunts down mythical beasts and creatures causing issues for the locals in return for payment. He does, however, find that man is more of a beast than the creatures he is paid to kill. I find I can relate to this ideology.

I am a monster hunter. I look for that dark shadow that is looming in one's soul. The creature that lives in your subconscious and taps at the back of your head while caressing your desires. This monster grows stronger the longer it is left, it starts to fester when space is scarce and then starts to infect judgment, reasoning and soon the conscious make sudden quick bursts of release to try and remove some of the burdens. This often hurts the host and can harm those around as well.

Sexual desires come from one's kink and fetishes. These are places you want to visit but for various reasons don't, such as being scared, feeling ashamed, not finding the time or simply choosing to ignore for social acceptance. The little seed over time becomes the monster that can consume you.

People need help with this, even more so with the amount of social media and addiction to being "liked" online to try and cut off parts of our bodies, to fit the shape that the circle we choose to try and be a part of allows.

I hunt these monsters. I can look past your eyes and see the shadow casting over your needs and desires. Sometimes It takes a bit of baiting to get it out but in the end, they always show themselves to me. I do worry when I find people ignore their desires and needs to allow these creatures to grow past the point of confinement.

Sure, I don't do this out of the goodness of my heart. If you are a stranger in need then cross my palm with the local currency to resolve your monster issues or walking past I go with my bard singing behind me.

No great warrior can be complete without a bard. Bards are strange folk. Always looking on the bright side of things, clouds with silver linings and such. Bards are also vocal and like to keep themselves busy with their talents. Bards spread stories, song and dance about the tales of their heroic warriors travel. These songs or praise reach the ears of others far and wide giving good inspiration to those in need of where to go to solve their troubles.

I have a bard. He sings my praises far and wide. He helps with nuggets of verbal gold to help my sword swing true. Or at least break something that isn't his own head. He knows if this witcher warrior dies in battle he would too be eaten by the monster his hero is fighting to defeat.

This means the bard needs to sing loud and proud to boast the ego of his hero to help better vanquish the darkness. Carrot cake with a latte is the fuel in which powers gain strength while tails of travels echo through the tavern.

Toss a coin to your witcher oh valley of plenty and slay your monsters before they consume you.

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