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On orgasm denial...

Male chastity and orgasm denial have always been something that I’ve been interested in. I enjoy denial. When I’ve been in a D/s relationship giving up orgasms and having to ask to wank and/or to cum is always something that has made me sulk as I dislike being told no. It’s also made my orgasms more intense whilst fucking when I’ve had to ask permission. It fuels feelings of humility and I do love to hate humiliation.

So, male chastity – For a fair, few years this has been something that I’ve had an interest in. I have a love for torturous devices and wearing a chastity device is something that I see as torturous. Not being able to throw one out when aroused, knowing that underneath your clothes is something stopping you from becoming erect, or being edged to the point of eyerolling and then denied. Having your pleasure controlled. The fact that I can be bratty and am not a dominant female or mistress of any kind makes it appeal all the more, especially to the brat in me! In a current dynamic that I have, I’m told that I’m beneath his submissive. Whilst it’s known that I’ve been around longer than him the pecking order doesn’t always reflect that. This has I guess played a part in why it appeals to the brat in me. I’m not any kind of sadist, so I can’t say that it’s appealing to that aspect of me, and I don’t have a dominant bone in my body - bossy yes!! Dominant – a definite no!!

Male chastity and orgasm denial has been around for years, you can find pictures of male chastity devices dating back to the 18th century. In the BDSM community, a male being in chastity or being denied an orgasm is usually found within a D/s dynamic. Although I am aware that some males practice self denial (I don't think that I know any females that practice self denial - I could be wrong). By denial I don't mean edging which is being brought to the brink of an orgasm and pleasure stopped for a short time and then being given and stopped again over a period of time until allowed an intense orgasm. I mean abstinence. Having a male be disallowed any self pleasure on my say so is a kink of mine and one that I don't partake in anywhere near as often as I would like.

Whilst I don't wish to ever dominate a male having one in chastity and key holding is something that I do desire.

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