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Tiaras with no Tears

Throw a triple sided coin to your Witcher.

With all public play scenes there are three sides. The side of each person taking part and the side of the spectator.

In a recent writing Mister Smith stated that I’m just a tool for him to practise on. I would however say that I’m sure he meant canvas, although he will deny this. In that case tools men take good care of their tools. So, it’s a compliment either way 😉.

We did a demo at THI, where we took to the stage and discussed CnC. The scene for me started as soon as I stepped up on the stage. The fact that I had my glasses off didn’t mean that I didn’t know that there was a crowd there. The odd comments and the banter that came is me letting him know where I am and that I’m ready to go. The flipping of the middle finger because I was passing around something that I have a liking for!! Lead shot gloves. Grrrrr!! Good present buyer here.

There were a few whacks with the bastard stick. He likes to use this thing as I have a dislike of it. The things he packed were things that I did enjoy, he was thoughtful like that. We have never done a scene with a safe word, whether it be in private or public. This isn’t something that I practise with anyone else. So, the bastard stick (or the best 50 pence he has spent) hits with a thud but then the sting takes over. A lot of what we do is deep tissue. If you were at the demo then you would have noticed that there was no warm up either. Again this isn’t something that I do with others.

A bit of background here. We’ve known each other for many years, I mean like eight or nine now. We’ve been doing impact for almost two of those years. We know each other well and which buttons to press. He stays within my limits and I trust this man with my life.

We moved to the cellar. Boots and I only had a moment together and then Mister Smith came down. Boots had his role and I, well I’m feral. A few words and then it was off. Boots prewarned any onlookers to not try and get involved in the scene, crossing over the line meant that consent was given to whatever came hurtling their way. I block everything out. I blinker everything. Two people exist in this moment. The world could be ending and I’d not notice it. I don’t remember hardly anything that happened. It’s mostly a blur for me.

Everything that onlookers see is natural. My reactions, my comments to goad him. The way that I look to him as I try and pre-empt his next move. The primal growls that he elicits from me. The squeals etc... I react differently to what strikes me. There are things that I’ll lean into and things I’ll attempt to leg it from. The same as there are parts of me that I enjoy being hit and other parts that I’m not a fan of.

I will say though that I’m there for my own pleasure. I can be a very selfish masochist and just keep taking. The scene as people saw was ended with a stumble after a dead leg. I don’t know what it is about a dead leg but this is the finisher for me. I can’t seem to recoup and recover. It’s become a thing now though, after the past few scenes we have done, that’s what finished me off. He’s also aware of this and so puts me down this way.

I did thoroughly enjoy the scene we did, I was a bit gutted as I said on the podcast that my hair isn’t long enough now for me to be taken to the floor at arm’s reach. I do bloody enjoy that along with being choked out. Although the one time he did this he kicked me in the thigh and barked “Wake up!!” This very much threw me. Usually he grants me the 2 or 3 seconds I’m out for and then I giggle as my eyes roll back forwards. Not this time though.

It’s taking quite a bit to bruise me now, the ones I wear will probably be gone in around 6 days by the colouring of them today. The bruise to my right hand where I put it in the way should be gone over the next two days (MMA gloves really do save my hands). As I write this, Saturday (sadly) seems so long ago!!

I’m going to end this here though. I shall be writing an entry at some point on how different body parts of mine heal etc...

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