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A cup of tea, a sheep & a haggis.

So we are more than halfway into the year. The world has decided not to take its medication and is now overdosing on anything it can get its hands on to try and fix the damage done. How ever, fear not ! for I am not furlong, redundant, on a ventilator or out protesting with a bunch of tree-hugging hippies. I have been podcasting more than writing at the moment. Catch up with the podcast here. I, the pup, and filth are going to do a day road trip down south in the coming weeks. hence the title. This blog entry till be the starting point of the journey which will include the prep the trip and the come down from the epic destiny that awaits and will unfold. We are going to do a podcast while on the road trip and use various voice recording means to bring you the joy of our public fraternising and no doubt various frustrations as we travel several hours around the country.

Our trip will take us from the Northwest of England down to Stonehenge then to an old government bunker is the plan. We could get lost, the puppy could end up being humped by a great dane, the sheep could over bleat herself and if I spill my tea then the wrath of God will smite such heathen responsible. We are aiming for a jolly good British bit of sightseeing without the need of a caravan but it shall be interesting how we cope with the car journey as eye spy only carries you so far as does ninety-nine bottles on the wall.

Stonehenge is one of those places that you have to see at least once living in England, Its like living in the state of Niagra falls but not bothering to go look. Sure its a bunch of rocks but there's always the potential that I could back up onto a vegan hippie in a drum circle purely by mistake of course. We will be able to have some philosophical talks about life, aliens, and probing as well as taking in the fresh none city COVID related air.

Even better still no NHS billboards telling me its time to eat salad in a time when the government has done "eat out to help out" offering half price of up to £10 knocked off the price of your meal if you go eat out.

Yes because I will order the small side of chips and the 6oz steak during this deal because the NHS advertising its a good idea suddenly even though England has had an obesity issue for several years now since parents have said too little Timmy here is an uncensored phone to google on and drool at tick twat rather than here is a bike fuck off outside. boots gave me a few ideas within an area that I set him for travel reasons. He came up with some suggestions which included museums such as Shakespeare, art-related placed, and also the tunnels of an old government bunker. With the placement of travel times, the bunk got the vote so will be on the agender to go have a perv at what was happening right under our noses.

I shall update this journey as it unfolds.

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