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Purple Ribbon - P3 Public Humiliation.

A service gag is a special type of gag. It has a much wider face cover that involves a bit for the wearer to insert in his or her mouth and bit on to hold the gag better for the tools it has extra. There is a widened chin part and it moves a couple of inches to either side of the face all to add stability. The head strap has a broad leather strap for the back of the head. The front of the gag has a short hollow metal tube with two holes, one on either side.

Attachments come with this gag, in my case I have a toilet brush, sweeping brush, a serving tray and a dishwashing brush. Anyone of these bayonet push fits into the end of the service gag making the wearer multi tooled for all occasions. There are also dildo, ash trays and toilet roll hanger attachments.

I place the gag into her mouth, telling her to bit down. "lift your hair" which is done straight away. She is nervous now, never seen a gag like this before not many have. The couple next to me are studying what is going on beside them. I place the gag buckle around her head and fasten it securely. Only a small head I am on the last buckle hole. Least its tight no chance of it falling off.

I pick up the service tray attachment. It 's a shiny flat disk around five inches across with a metal rod beneath it a couple of inches long with two pins sticking out. It looks like the same type of connection you see on a walking crutch to alter the height. It pushes into the rod on the gag, clicking into place.

Fox looks at the new shiny plate in front of her eyes trying to make out how this is going to be difficult for her. Fox has never worn one of these before and I am expecting a bit of fun at her expense.

"Chin up" fox raises her chin, she instantly sees half the battle she will need to contend with. To keep the service tray flat, she needs to keep her chin up high. The gag is angled in such a way that it slightly drips. The wearer has to lift his or her chin a good height to compensate.

I place a cookie on her tray, "chin up! do NOT drop that cookie". Look of horror comes from foxes eyes as the cookie adds next to no weight but easily slips about the metal surface of the tray. "hands behind your back, sit up." Orders taken well, the fox does as she says. Boots looks on with amusement seeing fox starting to struggle to compensate for this device now attached to her face.

"Offer a cookie to our new friends next to me", she turns to face the couple to my left. "I don't think they can hear you" I caught a glimpse of frustration in her eyes as she looked for the note pad while keeping the gag heigh enough not dropping the cookie.

She finds the note boot and writes into it "would you like a cookie?" This amuses the couple greatly thanking her for a cookie. Fox turns to face me with a smug look in her eyes. Well, that was the trial, now for the main course.

I spotted at the start of the night the social space we are currently in is a wooden floor, the doorway to the right into the bust bar area is commercial nylon carpet. This stuff is hideous on the knees, boots will know this himself from experience, fox only has some sheer stockings on to protect her.

I pick up another cookie and have a munch on its chocolatey taste. You know what will be very generous of me little fox, 'she looks at me with anticipation' if you offer my cookies to the bar area and share them for me now you have your note wrote out ready. The eyes said it all, all matter of swearing and profanity was going on in her head. "boots follow her and ensure no one barges into her by accident while she's on her knees" "certainly sir" I place two cookies on the tray.

Fox struggles to keep them on the tray dropping off, with a raised voice, "FOX KEEP THAT CHIN UP do you hear me". I see a note saying yes. let us try this again second time round they seem to stay. Fox cautiously starts to make her way into the doorway and into the busy bar room full of people talking and socialising expecting to be confronted with free cookies.

Once past the doorway, each move on her knee rubbing into the nylon floor would soon start to burn. boots followed helping clear the way of people not noticing this half-dressed girl on her knees trying to get into the room full of people. A change in conversation directs response towards seeing her with a few laughs and giggles. I am stood in the doorway watching on as they both complete the task at hand.

Fox tries her best offload the cookies while people mock and praise her for trying. She drops a cookie and rapidly places it back on the tray not realising I am watching from the rear. boots, as expected, is doing a job helping clear a little space for her to move around. Holding up her notebook pleading for the cookies to be taken, no one does.

A couple of minutes pass and she hobbles back to my table. I can see the pain in her eyes this short trip has taken its toll on her knees. I praise her for trying, removing the gag as she kneels in front of me. I instruct boots to clean it and package the toys back into the bag while she takes a seat on the chair next to me. A look of exhaustion and relief is in her face as she tries to small at me

Her forehead goes onto my shoulder, I allow her to speak once again. "thank you" She starts to rub her knees and we make small talk about the floor and task that has just been completed. I briefly look at the time on my watch, it is starting to get late.

I hand a list of the bell locations to the fox. "Go find the rest of the bells you have five minutes, boots pack my things and take them to the locker" "yes sir no problem", "You have twenty minutes private time with me fox, every minute past five minutes is off your time" She looks excited now, the tired red knees are no longer a burden, she is full of energy once again knowing her goal is now in reach. "Go".

While boots finishes packing up and taking our things to the lockers, I once again enjoy the peacefulness of a few moments to myself. While those two had disappeared, the cookie baker comes to say hello asking for her pat. I tilt my head and narrow my eyes. I did say if her cookies where acceptable I'd offer a pat on her head. "fine they where okay" I am aware of the effort gone into making these for me this evening, they did taste pretty good for sugar free. I requested sugar free so boots could have one, he is limited on his sugar intake and I did not wish for him to miss out.

I gave her two firm pats on the head as she knelt in front of me which came across as greatly appreciated. I could see she was licking up every moment my hand touched her head as a moment to show off to the company with her that she did a good deed. "right toodles I'm a busy man" She smiled and disappeared with her company.

Boots was the first back, I offered him to sit beside me once again. "Good boy you have done well tonight." boots has a smile that shows when he receives praise for doing what he loves. Shortly afterwards the fox appears with all the bells in the leather pouch. two minutes late.

I do not let on she is late, it's visible to see the flustered look from rushing around, an explanation regarding a little problem trying to locate one or two but did find them all. "I'm impressed you didn't fall into a rabbit hole or run away" a smile and a grin followed by "can I get you a drink" the fox offered me a drink, well be rude to turn down.

"yes alright, diet coke would be fine" with a happy look fox goes to the bar. Knowing I've been offered a drink already boots asks if he can go to the bar himself which I allowed. They both come back to me, boots sat next to me, fox knelt on the floor. Fox, we are going to go have the private time you have earned, boots I have asked the company to my left if you may join them while I'm away so you are not alone.

He thanks me for this If I needed him to, I would have sent boots to look for an empty playroom for me and stand by the doorway until I arrive but I know it will be a fun task for the fox to try and resolve. If I knew boots would have been alone I would have him stood outside the door of the room I occupy regardless like a sentry guard. That would have kept him in duty mode rather than at a loose end. The company by my side though have made small talk with him and are happy to include while I'm away briefly.


Part 4 - Private play.

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