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Purple Ribbon - Part 4 Private time

I stood up, told the girl on her knees to stand and to follow me where I walked through the doorway, out of the room and to the bottom of the first set of the stairs. The club seemed quieter now. People have retreated to the various rooms for play and debauchery. I pushed her against a wall and whispered in her ear, find me a room.

Once by the stairs, the club has more sensual lighting, It is more subtle and quiet compared to the busy chatting of the social areas. The bar and main lounge area we once were also had an ambient background noise. Off she went like a fox trying to escape the hunt for a private room within the multitude of little, large, medium and secretive spaces.

The rooms were above us on two landings. I follow, slowly walking from behind to admire the view, following up the first set of stairs watching her frantically looking for an open door. The hope of finding space that she can cash in her private time.

As I move up the steps, saying hello to the odd person I find moving up or down the stairs as they look back to catch glimpses of the fox bare rear other than the strip on thin material covering while little modesty she had. Once there she starts moving around the L shaped landing. Lockers to the right where the night started with boots, a unisex WC, then the first set of playrooms. Fox entered into a wide dark doorway. I looked over her shoulder shortly after she entered while stood looking around for available space.

To the left was a large room with a sex swing in the middle, it was very dull lit with four large sealed medical style double bed mattresses, two separately built cubes side by side with two more on top of them. A couple half naked in a dark corner on the top cube in the corner, engaging in evening entertainment. The women smiled at me while two males were moving their hands around her body with various moans and grones, To the right is wall which then had a separate space that was rather interesting.

A small short dark hallway, near pitch-black that had a jail like cell in the middle of the wall. Tried the bars, they were locked. In front of this hallway was a sheer curtain, peering through draped fabric it was noticeably occupied. On the other side was two wide flat sealed mattress which I would consider was set up as an orgy room. There was a couple on the right side fucking like they were going to die tomorrow.

This couple obviously knew people could watch such as me and fox at this current moment while we checked around for space to use. Watching for a few moments I can best describe my view as a naked women on her back with her legs around a male moving up and then forcing his way back down grunting like a primal neanderthal with his recent capture. The women stuttering 'fuck' numerous times. The noises were off putting, time to move on.

Back out onto the landing we both move towards to another side, the fox is well ahead of me already checking the two end rooms. The room on the left is a dungeon set up. Various frames, leather and benches with a couple currently playing with a closed door, There was a window next to the door with a sheer curtain over it, just enough to allow you to make out what is going on in the room.

Directly behind me was another closed door, this time no window, no hint at what is going on. A closed door means respect privacy so it was not opened. At this point, I can see the frustration in foxes face. She needs this private time she has worked towards all evening and is now stressing to find me space. "Tick tock I'm waiting"

Using them long legs, she turns to face the landing which had the next set of stairs on the right. Up again and I follow her bare arse and legs once more to the second landing. There are far worse views to be had in the world I guess. Same L shape layout except for more rooms. Immediately at the top of the stairs are two doors on the right. Both closed which I expected.

I had a grin on m face, "oh dear what a shame" Foxes face of distress was getting deeper. Next room is a shower so down the hall, we go. Two large open spaces, one left which was occupied. Large space to the right again occupied this time by multiple couples. This room had multiple bed spaces and seated areas however there was no space for her private time.

The only hope she had was that one of the rooms downstairs was now available. Tension rose as I instructed her to keep looking,I went back to the lower landing with the closed door opposite the dungeon space. As I reached it the door opened and the couple occupying it walked out smiling. Lightbulb moment. With a raised voice "Fox!" She was already behind me and I didn't notice. We had a room.

In she went, I entered and closed the door, click went the latch which I bolted across to ensure we were not disturbed. Suddenly it all went quiet, all that could be heard was breathing from fox due to the running around, searching for a room space only moments ago. Now suddenly realising she is alone with me the breathing went shallow, the sound of a pin dropping would be possible. Fox walked around the room taking in the atmosphere of where we are.

I unbutton my waistcoat, take it off, folding over my arm and resting on a nearby chair. Removing my cufflinks to roll up my sleeves, I look around the white room with one single strip light above us. It was a medical theme room.

Pictures of surgical diagrams were on the wall, steel trolleys and various equipment you would see in any hospital ward. There was a large new looking medical bench. Broad, burgundy in colour with what appears to be fully sealed plastic mattress. Very professional looking but also daungting. It had large locked wheels and the option of stirrups for gynaecology examinations. A medical lamp also hung from the ceiling.

Fox was nervous as she stood against the wall looking at me, watching my every move knowing the fox has been captured on the hunt as I dismounted my horse to deal with my new pelt. I circled the front of the bench between it and the doorway looking around as my sleeves went up, I looked straight into the eyes of fox. "well it certainly is a nice room" she replies with a simple "yes it sure is".

The tone in her voice was certainly a mix of being nervous and trying not to show exhilaration of finally being here. It has been a while since she had this much of an enjoyable evening without the demons. Her demon was put back in its box for a bit longer by paying the price of giving her submission to my entertainment. Feeding her desire to be given one of her most enjoyed kinks burning a hole into her soul.

I know this woman, this fox enjoys public exhibition. I sat on the end of the medical bench pointing to the floor in front of me. A few footsteps were made in order to stand in front of me like a doll waiting for orders. Does she touch me, does she kneel, does she say anything? No, she stands there waiting for what I require her to do. "I have no seen you yet, take off all your clothes" Her eyes widen and a smile appears, she did not expect this response.

Not having to speak of it a second time, there was not much to remove however it was speedily banished from her tall slim frame, becoming a small black pile of blace beside her.

Someone tried the door, we could hear it shuddering as someone tried to enter. Fox didn't move but went perfectly still. The door is locked and it is obvious someone doesn't understand the etiquette of the closed door means private play.

Fox stood directly in front of me but this time her legs inches away from my knees. The only item she was wearing was the purple ribbon still on her small wrist. I took a long look up and then down, she could see I'm taking my time, studying my captured fox for imperfections. A completely blank canvas. No tattoos, piercings, marks or body hair. This fox could easily have passed as a real doll.

I took off the gloves I have been wearing all night and tossed them to the floor. Fox is looking down at me arms by her sides with looks of anticipation. Nearly there, the wait will be over soon. Is he going to do it, have I been a good girl or will he just send me back out the room. Questions going through her head as all I could smell was her perfume. Carolina Herrera Good Girl. A scene that suited the wearer.

I reach up with swiftness, like a Kestral going for a little sparrow gripping the hair hanging down at shoulders height, near the scalp I grab with my right hand. The speedy move caught her off guard as this once tall doll was dragged down to a crouch by my right side. I heard a short feminine shriek as her face went wooshing back up then downwards over my knee, using her hands to stop her head from being bashed into the floor.

Her torso was over both my knees with her now naked arse high up and in good view of my right hand. I've now switch hands, my left hand gripping the hair on the back of foxes head holding it in place.

No struggle was given, no resistance. Complete obedience. It all went quiet again, this was it, she was getting what she craved and wanted for so long. All fox had to do was be the good girl taking what I administrated.

I ran my hand around her perked up backside, slowly warming up the skin against my hand picking where I am going to strike first. 'Whack!' A hard firm well-positioned first strike from my right hand goes down on her right cheek. My hand stroking over the strike zone moments after impact. The slap made a loud echo in the room, surely anyone behind the door would hear what was going on.

I swap to the left cheek, with firm authority 'Whack!' Again the sound travelled around the room. No complaints only noses of enjoyment and a little girly giggle. I wait a few moments for the skin to react and get slightly warm already.

Fox knows I have strong shoulders and arms, she is aware of my spanking from word of mouth, finally the fox is experiencing it first hand. Pun intended. Perfect pale skin now with two red blotches. In quick firm motions 'Whack!, Whack!, Whack!, Whack! Loud cracks. Exactly in the same positions each time. I very rarely miss.

Her tail starts to wiggle a side to side, the now stingy feeling aftermath from the strikes to her flesh. I would guess its been a while since she has been over a knee for an experienced spanking. I continue to smack her arse in periods of left, right, left, right. Spending a few moments stroking the impact zones with my fingertips after each strike, knowing how sensitive the skin now must be.

My fingertips cause her legs to quiver. Moving my hand down the back of her leg and back up to the impact areas cause another tiny squeal.

The cheeks are getting a dark red now. I don't want to push her too far to break the enjoyment. I know my spanks come down like hammers on an anvil shaping a hot iron. Judging by how warm her skin is, bruising is not far off. Whack! Whack!, pause. Whack! Whack! pause. I shake the room with the sound of my hand against her skin at velocity.

Her tail is now moving left, right, left, right in quicker motions with each spank, this naked obedient dolls body over my knee is trying to hold in any verbal resistance. It's visible she is now struggling, first showing subtle body languages that are now becoming more prominent. Fox wants to stay over my knee but doesn't want to disappoint me by giving up. I send down on her a further four impacts, but not as heavy as the rest. These were more playful to show the end was near.

Caressing my hands along her skin, feeling the warmth compared to the rest of her cooler skin, "well done you can rest now". I hear a sigh of enjoyment. My hands are undamaged tools as if forged from the gods themselves. They have passed some of the magic touch they are bewitched with into the doll, releasing happy energy within.

I aid her to move off my knees onto hers, stroking her head. I kiss her forehead. "Thank you I needed that" came from a quiet voice below me. I let her rest the now spacey head on my leg while stroking her hair for a few moments before signalling her to get dressed once again. We needed to rejoin those left downstairs pondering how the fox is doing. Fox has a large grin on her face now, a beaming smile of happiness that only large amounts of chocolate could even come close too. The valley of plenty certainly came to light today filling my pockets.

It is the early hours, through the door. Relax. Long evening amongst a lot of people drains the mind. Time to check that the companions of the night are home safe from the evening socialising at the fetish club with a few texts. The ritual of undressing and the shower to confirm the night is over. It's peaceful. Looking over at the ping in the bathroom breaking the silence of the shower water, the phone screen lit up with one new message.

Until the next fox hunt with purple ribbon.

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