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How to make use of plants in the garden & around you


Bamboo, we all take it for granted. Its used for floors, in the kitchen and of found growing in gardens around the country. Bamboo has hundreds of uses, the stuff that comes from abroad grows several centimeters an hour making it a very sustainable source of material. Here in England it grows at a slower rate, but your still talking a couple feet over a few weeks.

New Bamboo shoots are green and have a degree of flexibility in them, older parts lower down or if you let it dry out, it goes very hard and stiff yet since its hollow with solid notches this makes it easy to cut, shape as well as staying ridged. This got me thinking while I was sitting next to a giant bush of this stuff and figured ways I could use it for kink with quick easy modifications.

Making items that can be ran across the skin seemed the easiest way forward. I snipped a piece off and used a blade to sharpen a point on one end.

First impressions are its easy, you can clean it first with alcohol gel or another cleaner of choice and it makes a nice strong tip for running over various parts of the body. You can make different thicknesses of point to make it sharper or more dull depending on the effect you are after.

If you are looking to use this on multiple people I would not recommend this as once the core is on show bamboo absorbs moisture really easily. You can seal it with a varnish or linseed oil but that then defies the point of this being quick and cheap to do.

The great thing with a piece of bamboo is its got two ends so you can cut different shapes for different methods you have in mind. For example the above image is a U shape. This can be dragged along the skin like single point, or something more sinister. If you place the two edges against the skin or a nipples, push down and twist. The U shape grips the skin like a cork screw and you can cause great discomfort just by twisting up the skin.

Both of these simple yet effective ends can be cut into a couple inches of bamboo, be stored easily long term until they are needed, light and basically free. You can easily make a number of this little rods for your kit bag and just bin them after use with no need to worry about cleaning of bodily fluids You could just send them back to nature which would even recycle them. They are also a natural material which means allergies are highly unlikely.

Next time you see some bamboo, why not take a few lengths and have ago at making your own little tools.

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